There are many causes poor circulation in the body

posted on 19 Jul 2016 08:15 by sakon5

There are many causes poor circulation in the body. Fluid retention in the eye. People with bags under the eyes is artificial. Often from outside late at night, crying like behavior such as eye view of the normal too. Drinking alcohol regularly Just as allergies such as allergic enough to mask units may have accumulated could rub itchy eyes are urged to make a black mark.
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And young people who have the habit of sleeping late. Or sleep under the guise of making it. Knowing how to make the blood circulation is poor. The nutrients in the blood vessels narrow dark circles is clear. And if left longer. Causing waste vessels are fragile under the eyes dark eye.

If this can not be cured without treatment or surgery. Just change their bad behavior. Then gently massage the eyes or keep cold compresses on the eyes regularly. These symptoms gradually disappear by itself.