A machine called quantum magnetic analyzer

posted on 12 Jul 2016 12:47 by sakon5

Why do some people like to hear ghost stories despite the fear.

People have wondered why some people like to hear a ghost story, but I like to hear.
The neurotransmitter released in the brain when we are afraid dopamine.
The substance is that this time it is granted. Time to feel good or drugs with the same active ingredient, but appears to be well positioned.
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Therefore, the action of dopamine in the separated position is clear. I do not like to hear ghost stories because they feel afraid, alone.
But people dopamine to cause a split in the brain, fear will feel and feel good together. I like listening to ghost stories despite the fear.

Electronic health benefits quantum electromagnetic field.

Today, state control is something that many people became popular.
A blood test X-ray, ECG, etc. without exception should not drink or eat at the hospital ... what some people do not want.

A machine has been developed up. A machine called quantum magnetic analyzer.

The user is then connected to. I used to catch a steel track. The machine will read the results of a glucose concentration in the blood to the heart muscle, fat in blood cancer. The minerals in the blood of 10 to 20 Blas another.
It is not easy to go to the hospital and took penalized. 50-100 was tested at the same time, if the blood in the hospital. You may have to pay hundreds of thousands of baht.

The principle of this device is, however,
Nothing Moore a random number above. As the electrical resistance of detainees.

This is simply not collect a scam.
Again, the rally is not a scam.

The advantage of this machine
1. Use examination cheats is encoded for the world. The examination table
2. Pretend ... the check is completed, which is food supplements.

Some of you do not know that this is not the real or pretend more than fine, but for those who intend to deceive and be sure that the curse of the genes, the gene P53 P27 and its people to cooperate. Rev. damage